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bae baeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! happy birthday oppppppa :) just want to tell you how much i love and admire everything you do in life. your voice is absolutely beautiful, and you are an amazing dancer and performer. i have a lot of respect for you, the way you treat your friends and your fans. you are selfless and kind, so amazing! if i could only be half as wonderful as you. i love you teydaddy. 

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Happy 24/25th birthday Dong Youngbae. I don’t have reasons why i adore you the way i do but i can only say that you’re the reason itself. You make my heart flutter, you shoulder me through shitty times and your smile lights up the hearts of many.You’re humble, loving, caring and most of all genuine. You don’t try hard to be someone you’re not. You just let things be and always care about what you think about yourself rather than what people think about you. I’d call you fun, not an embarrassment. Guys like you are only 1 in a million. You’ve got so far and it makes me proud to see where you’re standing right now. Everything has changed around you, but you’re still the same old person i fell in love with. A good friend, son and soon i hope father to 2 children (i know how much you dream about this so find the right woman and be one). Many more birthdays to come and i’ll still be right here supporting you until the very end. I love you and thank you. God bless

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